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When it comes to making a marketing campaign successful...

You need to understand the; ‘who’, ‘where’, ‘problem’ and ‘bait’. We’ll work with you to learn about your ideal customer - their age, gender, interests, values, beliefs and motivations. Then identify where these guys spend their time. Next, we determine if there’s a problem and how serious or urgent it is. Finally, we develop the bait - how can we help to solve their problem. Then it’s onto the channels and creative...

Customer, product & brand
Competitor tactics
Campaign Development
Create a campaign strategy
Create design collatoral for campaign
Test and improve
Activation of campaign on appropriate platforms.
Manage the campaign across all platforms.
Analysis of campaign effectivness.
Assess the successfulness on individual platforms.
Digital Marketing Services

Here’s a short list of our digital marketing strengths, contact us for advice on what’s best for your business:

  • Marketing Advice
  • Copy Writing
  • Google Adwords / Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Display & Remarketing
  • Social Media & Remarketing
  • Electronic Direct Mail

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Advertising Solutions

Advertising with Decoy provides your business with one point of call and consistency across all advertising channels. We can book advertising across all channels, here’s a short list:

  • Advertising Advice
  • Copy Writing
  • Outdoor (billboard / bus / taxi)
  • Radio & TV
  • Letterbox and distribution
  • Promotional materials (banners, signage, merchandise)

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